A lost cause

Doctors, nurses and paramedics working frantically to resuscitate some of the young victims…


  1. Ek probeer Leilani Jooste wat in die ramp omgekom het se moeder opspoor, kan iemand my dalk help

    my epos address is hennieels@ax-onafrica.co.za

  2. Ek was nog self klein! Maar daai dag het ek my neef en my niggie verloor! Dit was werklik n baie groot terugslag maar met God se genade het ons dit deur gegaan!

  3. Belinda Kleynhans

    This was my sister Tanya Pieters. First one taken to JG Strijdom by helicopter. She died in hospital at 18h00 that evening. I was 11 yeard old and still in Primary School. Remember it as if it happened yesterday.

    • Ek dink baie mense voel ‘n spesiale band met Tanya. Die foto waar daar KPR op haar toegepas word is wyd gepubliseer en verteenwoordig die lot van baie ander kinders daardie dag. Stuur tog asb. vir my beter foto van Tanya, as jy een het.

    • Colin Meyerowitz

      I was a medical student at the time and was the person doing the CPR on Tanya. In the photo I am standing in white clothes. I remember the events like yesterday and remember getting a pulse back and rushing her to a helicopter as the ambulances were blocked in by all traffic. I heard only a while later that she had passed on. I have always wanted to have some closure with the family, to let them know how sad I feel for their tragic loss.

      • Is there any way of contacting Colin for the 16th of June wreath laying. I have tried to get hold of Belinda, Tanya’s sister on FB, Tanya was part of our group of friends, from primary school already. I hope to hear from Belinda soon as well, we have chatted before on FB.

      • Elize, I will send you his email address.

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