Guard of Honour

Fire fighters from nearby fire stations formed a guard of honour at the funeral.


  1. Very moving to read about the Westdene Bus Disaster. I was living in Jo’burg at the time of the accident and can remember quite clearly the shock I felt on that day listening to radio 702 broadcasts at work on the day. I realise this is an article from 2012 and today being 13 October 2016 I can’t believe it’s over 31 years since the disaster. So much has happened & changed since then. I now live & work in Edinburgh, Scotland and was talking to friends about this very event as today a much smaller bus nearly went into a local river but thankfully the river bank railings held back the bus averting a tragedy. RIP to all of those 42 children who will never grow old but whose memories remain in the hearts of their loved ones.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks so much from your message all the way from Scotland! We are so glad when our children and friends are remembered. Thank you for thinking of them and remember them.



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