Request for Interview with Survivors

This is a request we received in a comment on If there is anyone out there willing to take part, the contact details are below. You can also read more on Welela Studios here:

This was a To whom this may concern:

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Seipati Tenyane and I am a producer on a mid morning show called Talk SA. This is a travelling talkshow that seeks to speak to South Africans of all kinds about the issues that affect us the most as a people. We talk about all sorts of issues from the social to the political to cultural etc. Our show is hosted by Rian Vismaan and Ayanda Mpama. Talk SA plays every Tuesday morning at 11h30 on SABC 2. At the moment I am trying to put together an episode for a show that I am working on. I am looking to interview one or two f the survivors of the tragic incident. Is there anyone from the organisation who would be interested in sharing their testimony with me? I am not trying to do an expose of any sort. My show is based on trying to make or find resolutions. If anyone is interested in shooting with me. Please do not hesitate to let me know. I can explain all in fine detail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Peace and blessings Seipati Tenyane

Talk SA Welela Studios
011 726 2522
079 956 3013

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