Scene of the accident

Scenes of chaos as rescuers stand on the roof of the submerged bus, shocked bystanders looking on…


  1. I was in grade 2 that year in a primary school in Pretoria. 27 March that year was my dad’s 37 birthday, exactly 6 years before my twin brothers’ birth. I may have been 8 years old, but the pictures on the TV news & in newspapers will be with me forever. Rest in peace all who lost their lives, & may our Heavenly Father be with you & your families – forever.

  2. Elbie Snyders (Koch)

    Ons het 21 jaar naby die dam gewoon. Dit was die hartseerste dag in my lewe, want daardie kinders was saam my in die skool, of broers en susters van vriende. Dink aan julle almal Sondag 16 Junie 2013.

  3. Christine (Swigelaar) Frylinck

    Hi daar, was daar, het dit beleef en sal altyd by my wees. Ek woon ook nou met my familie in Engeland. Groete

  4. So very sad, I remember that day so clear, I lived in Mongomery Park and remember seeing the helicopters overhead, I have never been to dam but I often think about that day.. My prayers always with those involved.

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